Transforming Education at BPP Through Digital Innovation and GenAI.

Key highlights_

Cycle Time Reduction ✅

Improved efficiency reduced the cycle time for specific tasks from over 13 days to just 2-3 days.

Enhanced Data Platform ✅

Migration to a scalable, centralised data platform enabling superior data insights.

Productivity Boost ✅

Generative AI streamlined exam paper creation, improving 10 x productivity.

"The journey with BPP to modernise and transform its data ecosystem represents more than just a technological upgrade. It was a strategic partnership aimed at fostering a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. This project highlights Build Circle’s deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in deploying enterprise-level data platforms."

Henry Keen, CTO, Build Circle.


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Meet BPP_

As a global leader in education technology with a strong reputation spanning over 30 years, BPP University provides leading-edge professional qualifications, apprenticeships, and development programs.

Recognised for embracing innovation and staying ahead in the Edtech field, BPP partnered with Build Circle to achieve a digital transformation that would empower them to continue delivering high-quality educational services while managing their growth and data challenges efficiently.


Identifying BPP’s Growth Objectives

BPP's leadership recognised the importance of aligning its technological infrastructure with its growth objectives. They identified the following goals for their engagement with Build Circle:

Scalable Infrastructure

Overcome scalability issues of legacy systems through modern, cloud-based solutions.

Unified Data Platform

Replatform and migrate data to the cloud for streamlined management, analytics, and enhanced decision-making.

Accelerated Development

Update cumbersome workflows to improve development speed and agility.

The Business Challenges_

BPP, a leader in education technology, has earned its reputation for forward-thinking initiatives and commitment to excellence. Yet, its growth and desire to drive further innovation were severely hampered by the limitations of its legacy systems.

Restricted Scalability

BPP's on-premise data solutions were straining under the weight of their increasing data volume and the demands of modern Edtech. Its existing data solutions couldn’t handle their growing data needs restricting their ability to scale and innovate.

Siloed Data

Critical data remained trapped in disparate systems, spread across different departments and platforms. This lack of a centralised data repository made it time-consuming and complex to extract the insights needed for making strategic decisions.

Cumbersome Workflows

Outdated development processes and inefficient workflows caused bottlenecks and delays throughout the organisation. Simple updates to digital products were taking too long, and a backlog of development tasks hindered the launch of new, student-focused features. Slow responsiveness dragged innovation and risked BPP falling behind its more agile competitors.

The Impact of Outdated Tech_

These legacy system challenges weren't merely technical annoyances. They directly impacted BPP's ability to:

Deliver a High-Quality Student Experience - Slow, unresponsive platforms created friction for both students and faculty, affecting the overall educational experience.

Innovate and Compete - The inability to move quickly with data-backed decisions held BPP back in a fast-paced, competitive space.

Maintain Cost Efficiency - The cost of maintaining and patching the outdated systems drained resources that could be better invested in growth and innovation.

The Build Circle Solution_


Build Circle facilitated a comprehensive technology overhaul by migrating BPP's website and backend systems to modern, scalable cloud technologies. Key components included:

Next.js Hybrid Website - Leveraged Next.js to create a responsive, user-friendly hybrid-rendered website that aligns with BPP's vision for scalability and seamless interactivity.

AWS Hosting - Adopted serverless and containerised hosting in Amazon Web Services, enhancing reliability and flexibility.

Unified Design System - A new design system standardised visual elements across digital platforms, accelerating development and ensuring brand consistency.

Introducing Generative AI

Understanding the significant potential of generative AI, Build Circle worked with subject matter experts (SMEs) to refine an AI model tailored for multiple-choice question generation. This solution transformed the exam paper creation process:

10x Productivity Increase - Automated the generation of high-quality exam questions, empowering educators and improving productivity.

High-Quality Content - The AI was carefully tuned with SME input to ensure adherence to BPP's quality standards.

Data Engineering

Build Circle constructed a robust Snowflake data platform, replacing legacy Oracle systems:

Centralised Data Repository - Unified data storage facilitates quick and accurate analytics for improved insights.

Seamless Migration - Legacy data was seamlessly migrated to Snowflake, ensuring data integrity and minimising downtime.

Enhanced Analytics Potential - New data pipelines feed the Snowflake platform efficiently, providing easily accessible and reliable insights.

DevOps Transformation

Build Circle revamped BPP’s development workflows to improve agility and quality:

Optimised Execution - Testing pipelines were parallelised, reducing execution times significantly.

Developer-Friendly Environments - Implementing developer-friendly environments empowered teams with greater autonomy and a focus on quality outcomes.

The Results_

BPP's partnership with Build Circle went beyond a simple technology upgrade. This collaboration yielded transformative results that permeated throughout the organisation.

Dramatic Cycle Time Reduction

The scholar team's cycle time saw a staggering reduction from 13+ days to just 2-3 days.

This translated to faster delivery of educational materials, improved student and faculty experiences, and increased responsiveness to market demands.

Modernised Website

The new website is not only scalable, user-friendly, and secure, it also reflects BPP's stature as a forward-thinking educational institution. In addition to attracting prospective students, the upgraded technology has made BPP a more desirable employer, enhancing their ability to recruit top tech talent.

Scalable Data Platform

With Snowflake as the backbone, BPP has a powerful foundation for data-driven decision-making. The centralised repository enables quick, reliable insights across all departments, empowering leaders to make strategic choices for future growth and optimisation.

DevOps Excellence

Revamped DevOps practices have replaced friction with streamlined collaboration. Development teams work more efficiently, and releases are faster and of higher quality.

Optimised Data Pipelines

The new data pipelines feeding Snowflake provide a constant stream of real-time, high-quality data. This real-time visibility and analysis capability is a vital decision-making tool, optimising resource allocation and identifying growth opportunities.

Agile Innovation

The shift towards agile methodologies means BPP's digital products and services can now evolve quickly to meet the ever-changing needs of students and educators. This continuous iteration and optimisation ensures BPP always offers cutting-edge services that surpass the competition.

Beyond the Metrics

While the quantifiable improvements are impressive, there are true benefits that go beyond numbers:

Elevated Morale: Empowered teams with the right tools and more efficient processes lead to higher internal satisfaction across the board, a boost to both productivity and innovation potential.

Enhanced Reputation: BPP's commitment to technological advancement positions them as a true leader in Edtech, attracting students and partners who seek the best-in-class experience.

Unleashed Potential: This transformation has fundamentally changed how BPP operates, giving them the tools and agility to break new ground in the digital and educational landscape. The future holds exciting possibilities for continued growth and innovation.

The Outcome_

Build Circle's comprehensive understanding of data technologies, software development, and DevOps proved critical in realising BPP's digital transformation.

This journey represented more than a technical upgrade; it was a strategic partnership that fostered a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.

The transition from legacy systems to a modern, scalable cloud architecture set a new benchmark for excellence at BPP. It showcased Build Circle's ability as a technology consultancy to leverage innovative data and AI technologies to solve complex, real-world challenges and create substantial, long-term value for BPP.

Are BPP’s challenges familiar?

BPP’s leadership recognised that addressing these deeply rooted challenges was essential for achieving its growth goals and maintaining its position as a leader in the Edtech space. Engaging with Build Circle's technology consultancy services was a strategic move to drive business growth.

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