We transform organisations by delivering business-critical technology platforms, building scalable, industry-leading products, and leveraging the power of data to unlock the value of AI.

The challenges we solve_

At Build Circle, we help businesses transform ideas into market-ready products and understand the practical and cultural shifts necessary for scalable, technological advancement.

We apply a product-led approach to technical consulting to reduce overall costs and effort through engineering excellence, data services and AI implementation.

Speeding up product delivery and removing roadblocks.
Generative AI integration.
Building scalable AI platforms to improve customer experiences.
Improving product quality and key performance metrics.
Removing unnecessary steps and reliance (DevOps).
Implementing data and AI-powered solutions for business efficiency.
Enhancing developer experience (DevEx).
Aligning strategies for testing, data, and product strategy.
Reviewing and planning tech strategies and architecture for future growth.

Building trust_

As outcome-focused technology consultants, we understand the necessary trade-offs to outpace your competitors. We customise our offerings keeping your business goals front and centre.

From accelerating delivery to improving culture, business KPIs and DORA metrics, the last 10 years have seen us build, and scale, some of the most widely used e-commerce and Fintech platforms.

Our Vision

To build a better future with top flight technology that doesn’t cost the earth


"Build Circle has been a great technology partner working as an integrated part of our engineering teams. They’ve helped deliver multiple strategically important projects to set Moonpig up for the next phase of growth. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for support with delivering complex projects."

Peter Donlon
CTO Moonpig


"I cannot praise enough the culture and the talent that Build Circle brought to our organisation. We needed more engineering talent for a recent project and going to Build Circle was no-brainer for us."

Ravneet Shah
CTO, Allica Bank


"Build Circle have gone way beyond our expectations, proving themselves to be incredible development partners."

Greg Emes
Head of Development, Coyote Software


"The changes Build Circle implemented have transformed our development process. We're not just writing better code; we're doing it together, more efficiently, and with a greater sense of ownership and pride."

Matt Noonan
Head Of Cloud Engineering, Indra

"As a strategic collaborator augmenting our engineering prowess, Build Circle has proven to be an invaluable asset. Their extensive expertise, cohesive methodologies, and robust technical proficiency have significantly expedited our digital transformation endeavours at BPP. Spanning software engineering, architectural design, Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), and data engineering, Build Circle has seamlessly integrated within our teams, fostering a culture of excellence. Their advocacy for best practices including pair programming, thorough code reviewing, and proactive knowledge dissemination has been instrumental in enhancing our operational efficacy."

Nainesh Mehta
VP of Engineering, BPP

"Under Build Circle's guidance, our organisation has realised significant advancements in operational stability and release confidence. Their approach to dismantling operational silos has fostered enhanced collaboration and knowledge exchange across our teams, contributing to sharper spikes and more effective dissemination of technical insights. Build Circle’s focus on expanding testing and seamless integration into our processes has been transformative. Their architectural insights have aligned with our long-term vision, making their impact invaluable. We highly recommend their services."

Esther Hills‍
Director of Engineering, INDRA

Why Build Circle?_

We drive tangible business outcomes and ROI through technology.

We cut through the usual consulting fluff to swiftly deliver reliable and scalable products, enhancing your customers’ experience and accelerating your business growth.

We know the frustration of tech consultancies that promise the world but lack the real-world ability to deliver. At Build Circle, our commitment is to measurable results.

Build Circle exists because your organisation deserves a tech consultancy that truly delivers.
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With Build Circle you can_

Improve product quality and performance.

Integrate Generative AI into your core tech strategy.

Accelerate the speed products are delivered to your customers.

Unlock business value with data, engineering and AI.

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