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Transforming your tech landscape with engineering excellence.

Is slow development time or outdated technology stacks costing you market share?_

Build Circle's engineering services transform your development processes for accelerated innovation, scalability and market adaptability.

We optimise platform readiness, cloud migrations, and DevOps practices to boost delivery speed, elevate developer experience, and seamlessly integrate your testing, data, and product strategies.

We help you build exceptional products.

Engineering can unlock incredible growth, but turning potential into reality can be difficult. Challenges like these hold many businesses back…

Accelerating time-to-market & bridging the gap

You have new ideas, but turning those concepts into market-ready products is painfully slow. Misalignment between business and tech teams stalls progress and hinders innovation.

Finding the right engineering talent

The market for skilled engineers is hot. Building a strong in-house team takes time and resources you might not have, stalling critical projects or forcing compromises.

Maximising tech investments

You've invested in tools and platforms, but they're not delivering as promised. Without the right engineering expertise, even the best technology won't drive the results you expect.

Scalability & performance

Legacy systems and inefficient engineering workflows are holding you back. Development is slow, processes are manual, and agility has become challenging.

What we do_

We help you build the right products. Fast.

Platform readiness & digital transformation

With proven digital transformation strategies, we prepare your digital platforms to meet evolving customer needs through iterative, pragmatic development.

Our meticulous audits of your existing systems identify scalability limitations, areas for modernisation, cloud adoption, and AI-driven potential.

Accelerating delivery & improving time to value

Get to market faster with our expertise in rapid development cycles and agile methodologies.

We deliver working software in short cycles, enabling us to learn, iterate, and release value faster - reducing costs and accelerating your project delivery timelines so you stay agile and responsive.

Removing waste & dependencies (DevOps)

Achieve faster, more reliable releases with our cutting-edge software development and operations (DevOps) solutions.

We remove inefficiencies and waste, automate processes, and improve cross-team collaboration, reducing deployment risks and accelerating your time-to-market.

Improving developer experience (DevEx)

Build Circle prioritises enhancing Developer Experience (DevEx).

Our focus on advanced tools, agile practices, and streamlined CI/CD pipelines improves team efficiency and boosts developer satisfaction, helping you retain your best talent.

Data: Quality, metrics & strategy

We refine your data collection and analysis processes to harness your company's data potential.

We create a future-ready, scalable data strategy aligned with your goals - a clear roadmap for data collection, cloud migration and predictive data modelling, making your data a key asset.

Aligning test, data & product strategy

Achieve product excellence through integrated testing, data analysis, and strategic alignment.

We implement automated testing frameworks and establish data-driven product metrics to accelerate your release cycles, ensuring product quality and driving higher adoption rates.

With Build Circle engineering services you can_

Transform ideas into market-ready products, fast.

Agile working, continuous testing, and our DevOps expertise streamline development, enabling you to launch and iterate with quality, and at speed.

Build for scalability.

Eliminate growth bottlenecks with resilient systems designed for peak performance. We'll architect a scalable foundation that effortlessly adapts to increased traffic, ensuring seamless user experiences, even during surges.

Modernise for competitive advantage.

Overhaul legacy systems, adopt cloud-based technologies, and unlock new digital capabilities. We'll future-proof your tech stack, empowering you to capitalise on untapped market opportunities.

Access world-class engineering talent.

Our exceptional engineers' deep expertise across technologies and methodologies accelerates project delivery and drives exceptional outcomes.

Why Build Circle?_

At Build Circle, engineering excellence isn’t just a service offering - it’s our commitment to your success. We’ll build scalable, future-proof systems that seamlessly support your business growth.

As a trusted software technology partner, our team of exceptional engineers consistently exceeds industry standards, allowing you to modernise systems, streamline processes, and execute ambitious goals.

With our focus on agile methodologies, DevOps, and scalable technologies, we'll help you build groundbreaking products, outpace the competition, and achieve breakthrough results in a fast-paced market.
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Frequently asked questions about our engineering services_

Can you help us transition to modern technologies (like cloud) and unlock new capabilities?

Absolutely. We specialise in cloud migrations and have a proven track record in helping companies like Zopa, ClearBank, Moonpig and Just Eat leverage cloud-based engineering services for improved scalability, security, and cost optimisation. We'll develop a roadmap that aligns with your specific needs, ensuring you reap the full benefits of the cloud.

Can you help us create a scalable technology foundation that supports our growth goals?

At Build Circle we design scalable architectures from the ground up. This involves careful consideration of your anticipated growth, cloud technologies, and microservices approaches. We'll build a foundation that flexes with your business needs, ensuring you avoid costly re-platforming further down the line.

My product roadmap is ambitious. How can you ensure our engineering keeps up with the pace?

Our agile development methodologies are designed for rapid iteration and adaptability. We break down large projects into smaller, deliverable increments, allowing for continuous feedback and course correction. This ensures we stay aligned with your evolving roadmap, even in a fast-paced environment and without sacrificing quality.

How can you help my team overcome technical debt and modernise our systems?

We start with a thorough audit of your existing technology stack, pinpointing bottlenecks and key areas for modernisation. We then develop a phased migration plan that balances short-term improvements with long-term architecture goals. This could involve a cloud migration, refactoring legacy code, or a hybrid approach - always prioritising stability and scalability.

How can you help streamline our inefficient development processes and make us more agile?

We'll analyse your existing workflows to identify pain points, manual tasks, and areas where communication breaks down. We'll introduce agile methodologies and DevOps practices to optimise your entire development lifecycle. This includes automation, continuous integration/delivery (CI/CD), and a focus on cross-team collaboration for faster releases and quicker response to feedback.

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