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At Build Circle, we help organisations unleash valuable business opportunities with a comprehensive approach to AI-driven product design, development, and implementation.

By building scalable, resilient AI platforms and facilitating AI integration across enterprises, we generate significant business value with data-driven and AI-powered products and strategies.

AI's integration within your organisation can transform AI from a specialisation, into an integral part of your engineering team's toolkit.

We help you build exceptional products.

Many organisations recognise the transformative potential of Generative AI, but struggle with…

Identifying high-value use cases

Determining where GenAI will have the greatest impact and add value to the business.

Seamless AI integration

AI optimisation for business processes - understanding how to incorporate GenAI into existing systems and workflows.

Governance & risk management

Overcoming apprehension over integrating AI into the business. Creating robust policies for responsible, ethical, and safe GenAI use.

Navigating the production path

Understanding the technical and organisational complexities of taking GenAI solutions from idea to deployment.

What we do_

We help you explore the efficiencies and scalability that GenAI promises with these Generative AI Services.

Strategic discovery

We conduct deep-dive discovery sessions to identify the most promising and lowest risk / maximum impact GenAI use cases for your business, using data-driven insights to ensure you get maximum value.

Production path guidance

We provide a clear roadmap and process flow to support taking GenAI ideas and solutions from concept to production.

Cost reduction strategies

Implement GenAI to eliminate expensive third-party SaaS solutions and services. GenAI allows you to bring these capabilities in-house and save on costs.

Robust governance

We design tailored frameworks for ethical GenAI deployment and risk mitigation.

We fit pragmatic governance frameworks into your existing risk management processes and automate report generation for faster decision-making.

GenAI architecture planning

GenAI adds the most value when it's used to augment your existing applications and automation pipelines.

We create a GenAI integration strategy that enhances, rather than disrupts, your existing technology stack.

End-to-end execution

Our seasoned engineers drive GenAI projects from development to deployment, creating minimum viable products (MVP) within the correct operating framework, and then scaling them across the organisation.

With Build Circle GenAI services you can_

Turn complex data into actionable insights.

Uncover trends, relationships, and predictions hidden within your data, empowering you to make strategic decisions confidently.

Streamline operations for maximum efficiency.

GenAI can identify bottlenecks, suggest optimisations, and automate workflows, leading to cost savings and improved resource allocation.

Deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Personalise interactions, offer proactive support and create a seamless experience that encourages customer loyalty.

Create and develop superior products.

Use GenAI to deeply understand and anticipate customer needs, driving the development of products that truly resonate and enhance customer satisfaction.

Why Build Circle?_

We don't simply implement GenAI - we empower your business to thrive with it.

By strengthening your data foundations, upskilling your teams, and integrating GenAI strategically, we help you achieve sustainable, scalable, transformational results.
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Frequently asked questions about GenAI_

What problems can be solved with GenAI?

Imagine GenAI as an unlimited workforce ready to handle repetitive, data-heavy tasks. It's particularly skilled at:

Organising data: Extracting important information from messy sources like emails or documents.

Handling complex procedures: It can follow multi-step processes, like researching information online and then using it to make informed decisions.

Generating content: GenAI can answer customer questions, draft internal policies, and create various types of written content.

Data analysis: Discover patterns and insights within your data that might be easily missed by humans.

GenAI is particularly powerful when it works alongside your existing software, automating the parts that typically require manual effort.

I need a GenAI partner with deep data and engineering expertise. Is this the right fit?

Build Circle doesn't just offer off-the-shelf GenAI solutions; we’re your strategic partner in maximising AI's transformative impact for your specific business needs.

We understand that reliable GenAI implementation rests on a robust technology foundation. Our expertise lies in optimising your data infrastructure, upskilling your engineering teams, and building a long-term GenAI strategy - ensuring your investments create sustained, scalable business value.

How do you assess the suitability of a GenAI use case?

This will vary case-to-case but generally, to assess if GenAI is right for a task, we consider:

Scalability: Can it handle the expected workload within your time constraints?

Reliability: Can you easily test and monitor the AI's outputs for consistency?

Task suitability: Does the problem's complexity warrant AI over traditional methods?

Ethics: Does the use case handle data responsibly and minimise the risk of bias?

Value: Will the benefits of using AI justify development costs?

What about data privacy? Will OpenAI train their models on my data?

No, your data is not used to train any models. We recommend using the version of OpenAI hosted in Microsoft Azure. This comes with all the usual security and privacy you’d expect from a major cloud provider.

Do my engineers need to learn many new tools and technologies?

We aim to integrate GenAI as seamlessly as possible with your existing development process, so we generally wouldn’t recommend introducing a new tech stack solely for GenAI.

While Python has long been the standard language for data engineering, it’s now possible to successfully implement GenAI projects using most popular programming languages/stacks.

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