Building a Culture of Testing and DevOps at Indra.

Key highlights_

Improved Product Stability ✅

Increased code coverage from 9% to 70% to minimise production errors and accelerate innovation.

Streamlined Delivery ✅

Automated deployment pipelines across 100% of services, boosting agility and responsiveness. Total services deployed automatically increased from 15% to 100%.

Strategic Partnership ✅

Build Circle's expertise drove architectural modernisation, the build of Indra’s Device Management API, and Data Lake initiatives.

"The changes Build Circle implemented have transformed our development process. We're not just writing better code; we're doing it together, more efficiently, and with a greater sense of ownership and pride."

Matt Noonan, Head of Cloud Engineering, Indra.


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The Challenge_

Scaling Innovation in a Competitive Landscape

As a recognised leader in technology solutions, Indra operates within highly competitive and rapidly evolving markets. Recognising that software quality and agility are essential for maintaining its edge, Indra embarked on a transformative collaboration with Build Circle.

Indra’s Key Challenges:

Mitigating Risk in a Complex Landscape

The reliability and security of Indra's electric vehicle charging technology are paramount. Limited testing exposed potential vulnerabilities that could jeopardise production stability and damage customer trust.

Accelerating Innovation to Meet Demand

The electric vehicle market is dynamic, with shifting customer expectations and evolving industry standards. Indra needed to enhance development agility to quickly deliver new features and adaptations, ensuring their solutions remain future-proof and competitive.

Empowering Teams for Ownership

Siloed workflows and a lack of robust development practices hindered Indra's ability to scale innovation and respond rapidly to changing requirements. Fostering a culture of code ownership and streamlined collaboration became essential for efficiency and long-term success.

Strategic Vision

Indra's decision to prioritise these challenges demonstrates a commitment to proactive leadership and continuous improvement. By addressing these pain points - not just for immediate gains, but with a focus on future-proofing its development process - Indra positions itself for sustainable growth within the cutting-edge EV charging industry.

The Build Circle Solution_

Test Coverage Enhancement

Indra's initial code coverage presented a significant risk of undetected bugs, potentially jeopardising production stability and impeding innovation.

Build Circle introduced a new, comprehensive testing framework, specifically Component Tests, for the cloud team, catapulting code coverage from an average of 9% to an impressive 70% across the critical services.

This approach:

Mitigates Risk: Ensures the robustness of core systems, minimising production downtime and boosting customer confidence.

Accelerates Feature Delivery: Enables developers to add features and refactor with speed, knowing a strong testing framework will catch errors early in the development cycle.

Drives Competitive Edge: Positions Indra as a leader in reliable and innovative EV charging technology.

Revolutionised Collaboration & Ways of Working

Indra's initial workflows were hindered by inter-team dependencies and knowledge silos, leading to delays and a fragmented development process.

The Build Circle partnership focused on breaking down these barriers and reshaping Indra's approach to collaboration, yielding significant improvements:

Streamlined Development through Cross-Team Alignment: The elimination of dependencies between critical teams drastically reduced friction and bottlenecks, directly accelerating the ability to deliver new software features and updates.

Culture of Shared Ownership: Tech planning sessions and an emphasis on unified team goals cultivated a shared responsibility for code quality and project success. This collaborative atmosphere not only improved code quality but also fostered a more engaged and motivated engineering team.

DevOps Empowerment & Automation

Build Circle transitioned all service deployments to automated pipelines, taking the total services deployed automatically from 15% to 100%.

The transition to fully automated deployment pipelines relieved developers from time-consuming manual tasks, allowing them to focus on innovation. Their direct involvement in DevOps processes ensured a robust testing framework tailored to Indra's specific needs.

Strategic Foundation for Growth

The updated architecture strategy and investment in key integrations (Indra Device Management API, Data Lake initiative) not only address immediate needs but also establish a future-proof foundation for scalability. This enables Indra to adapt to new requirements and market demands smoothly.

Phase 2 Success: Building on a Transformation_

Building on the success of the initial phase, we continued to push the boundaries with new initiatives and achievements.

Implemented a real-world, end-to-end system testing framework using Indra chargers, ensuring product excellence under real-world conditions.

Secured additional funding for API adaptation layers, enabling seamless integration with critical systems.

Modernised the data access layer, adopting a more scalable and efficient ORM solution. By transitioning to a more scalable and efficient ORM (Object-Relational Mapping) solution, we addressed a critical aspect of software architecture that underpins performance and scalability to support future growth.

The Impact_

Driving Tangible Business Outcomes

Indra's investment in software quality and process modernisation delivers far-reaching benefits throughout their organisation and positions them as a leader within the dynamic electric vehicle charging industry.

How the transformation impacted key business areas:

Reduced Risk and Increased Customer Trust

Rigorous testing across critical services minimises the potential for production downtime, costly disruptions, and security vulnerabilities. This stability translates directly into customer confidence and a strong brand reputation as a reliable charging solutions provider.

Accelerated Innovation for Market Agility

Automated deployment pipelines empower developers to release new features and enhancements quickly, enabling Indra to respond rapidly to customer feedback and evolving industry demands. This agility allows Indra to stay ahead of the competition and maintain their position as an innovator.

Operational Efficiency and Cost Savings

Streamlined workflows and collaboration reduce bottlenecks and time spent on manual tasks, freeing up developer resources for value-added activities. This increased efficiency contributes to cost savings and a more streamlined operation.

Elevated Customer Experience

Indra's customers directly benefit from the transformation. With a faster pace of innovation, Indra can deliver new charging features, improved system reliability, and a more seamless user experience that strengthens customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The Outcome_

The success of the Build Circle-Indra project offers a powerful blueprint for organisations seeking to transform their software development capabilities and drive tangible business results.

This case study is not only a testament to Indra's commitment to excellence, but also to the strategic value of investing in robust testing, streamlined DevOps practices, and an ownership-driven engineering culture.

Could this strategy work for your organisation?

Leaders understand that a well-functioning engineering organisation has a ripple effect across the business.

These collaborative and efficiency-boosting improvements made at Indra using expert engineering services lay the groundwork for faster innovation, streamlined operations, competitive advantage, and the seamless integration of emerging technologies - a replicable model for success.

By prioritising code quality, automation, and cross-team collaboration, organisations can foster a culture of continuous improvement that translates into increased agility, reduced risk, and accelerated innovation.

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