Automated ADR Integration: Streamlining Development and DevEx at a Neobank.

Key highlights_

Enhanced Compliance & Risk Management ✅

The solution supported compliance in a highly regulated industry by providing easy access to relevant architectural decisions.

Significantly Reduced Rework & Conflicts ✅

Proactive context sharing minimised the risk of unintended architectural deviations, reducing rework, and mitigating compliance issues.

Streamlined Knowledge Transfer for Informed Development ✅

Timely access to inter-team and cross-organisational decisions enabled better-informed development.

Emphasis on Developer Experience (DevEx) ✅

Reinforcing a developer-centric approach promoted efficiency and innovation within the team.

Effortless Integration into Existing Workflows ✅

The solution was designed to integrate effortlessly into the bank's existing development practices, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum adoption.


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The Bank's Challenge_

As a rapidly growing fintech enterprise, the Neobank faced significant hurdles related to knowledge fragmentation and potential misalignment in its architectural decisions.

These decisions, documented in Architecture Decision Records (ADRs), were crucial for maintaining consistency and compliance within the highly regulated banking industry.

Challenge Breakdown_

Limited ADR Visibility

Engineers often lacked awareness of relevant ADRs that impacted their work. This lack of visibility increased the risk of conflicts, non-compliance with technical standards, and deviations from the established architecture. Such misalignments could lead to costly rework and compliance breaches in a regulated environment.

Decentralised Development

The bank's autonomous teams operated without centralised bottlenecks. While this promoted agility, it also posed challenges in ensuring consistency in architectural governance and technical compliance. Each team had the autonomy to make decisions, but without a unified view, there was a risk of divergent architectural practices.

Rapid Growth and Scaling Capabilities

As the Neobank scaled rapidly, the complexity of its infrastructure grew. This exponential growth demanded robust mechanisms for maintaining alignment and compliance across all teams. Traditional methods of knowledge sharing and governance were becoming insufficient.

Regulatory Compliance

Operating within a highly regulated industry, the Neobank needed to ensure that all development practices adhered to strict regulatory requirements. Any lapse in compliance could result in severe penalties and damage to reputation.

The Build Circle Solution_

To address these multifaceted challenges, Build Circle partnered with the organisation to design and implement an automated ADR integration solution.

This innovative system leverages intelligent analysis of git pull requests, identifying potential interactions between code changes and existing ADRs. By proactively surfacing relevant ADR links within the developer's workflow, the solution provides engineers with essential context at critical decision points.

Key features to note:

Automated ADR Integration

The system automatically identifies and links relevant ADRs to ongoing development work. This ensures that engineers have immediate access to pertinent architectural decisions without needing to search for them manually.

Seamless Workflow Integration

Designed to integrate smoothly with the bank's existing development practices, the solution minimises disruption. It works within the tools and processes already familiar to engineers, promoting high adoption rates.

Contextual Information Delivery

The solution delivers the necessary architectural context directly within the developer’s workflow. This empowers engineers to make informed decisions, reducing the risk of conflicts and non-compliance.

Proactive Context Sharing

By identifying and highlighting potential conflicts or compliance issues early in the development process, the solution helps prevent problems before they arise. This proactive approach saves time and resources by reducing the need for rework.

The Impact_

The implementation of this ADR integration solution yielded significant benefits for the Neobank, transforming both its development process and its overall risk and compliance posture.

Optimised Knowledge Transfer

Engineers gained timely access to architectural decisions, enabling better-informed development. This optimisation of knowledge transfer ensured that all team members were aligned and aware of the critical architectural context that could impact their work. By providing instant access to relevant ADRs, the solution fostered a more collaborative and informed development environment.

Reduced Rework and Conflicts

The likelihood of unintended architectural deviations or compliance issues was significantly reduced. By proactively sharing context, the solution minimised the risk of rework and conflicts, saving time and resources. Engineers could focus on developing innovative solutions without worrying about misalignments or compliance breaches.

Enhanced Developer Experience (DevEx)

The solution removed friction from the development process, empowering engineers with greater agility and streamlined decision-making. By focusing on a developer-centric approach, the bank reinforced its commitment to efficiency and innovation. This enhanced developer experience not only improved job satisfaction but also attracted top talent to the organisation and helped build talent pipelines.

Strengthened Compliance and Risk Management

Readily accessible architectural context played a crucial role in supporting the bank's regulatory compliance efforts. By ensuring that engineers had the information they needed to adhere to technical standards and regulatory requirements, the Neobank strengthened its risk posture. This proactive approach to compliance reduced the risk of regulation breaches and the associated penalties.

Does your business have AI potential to unlock?_

Our work with the Neobank showcases how targeted solutions can address both technical and organisational challenges.

By aligning development processes with a commitment to DevEx, Build Circle’s partnership has helped solidify BPP as an innovator within the competitive Fintech landscape and showcases a solid use case in AI solutions for financial services.

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